Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Analytics Solutions

PACC offers a powerhouse of custom designed AI solutions that are designed to automate and streamline tasks for accuracy. These broad spectra of technologies help clients to seize opportunities and grow by experiencing the power and speed of operational processes that you never imagined possible.

As the potential for AI grows every day, we aim to implement a bouquet of AI-powered solutions to serve a larger vision and strategy. With a robust AI strategy in place, we empower your entire business, not just in pockets but in its entirety.


Digital Transformation

Enable your businesses to deliver high-touch, convergent and engaging digital experiences. Our portfolio of services includes:
  • Transforming Legacy processes into Digital Business
  • Enabling Digital Operations
  • Implementing Digital Systems & Technology


Data Management

Get scalable data management solutions that drive business transformation by harnessing insights. Services include:
  • Data Mining, Entry and Analysis
  • Administrative Support
  • Forms Processing
  • Transaction Processing


Anomaly Detection

Modernizing and secure your data with a service that is autonomous and monitors your business 24/7. Service highlights:
  • High definition coverage
  • Incident detection and correlation
  • Alerts and notifications


Advanced Analytics

Help your business unlock powerful insights by tapping into volumes of data. Key capabilities:
  • Predictive analytics
  • Solution development
  • Co-sourcing
  • Outsourcing


Robotic Process Automation

Redesign and rebuild smart processes to improve overall organizational efficiency and productivity. Key features:
  • Education and discovery
  • Proof of concept and pilot program
  • Implementation and development
  • Institutionalization and support



Use visually appealing information analytics to transform data into intelligent insights. Service offerings include:
  • Data visualization tools and implementation
  • Geospatial visualization
  • Custom dashboard development
  • Interactive business intelligence applications
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