ELV Solutions

Intrusion Detection And Prevention Systems

Managing multiple vendors is a thing of the past with PACC’s ELV solutions. It brings you the best-in-class unified platform where you can migrate different vendors across disparate systems whilst meeting your delivery specifications.

PACC offers a distinct value proposition that covers all the new age technologies to simplify the management of processes. These custom-designed solutions can be deployed across a broad spectrum of industries providing great functionality whilst minimizing expenditures.



Design and supervision of CCTV systems that are fully integrated with other surveillance solutions. Our portfolio of services includes:
  • Fully equipped control rooms
  • Cameras and video surveillance solutions
  • Analytics and custom reports


Access Control

Rely on biometrics user credentials to recognize, authenticate, and authorize entry. Our bouquet of services includes:
  • Access Control System Architecture
  • Standalone card printers and readers
  • Biometric recognition devices
  • Identification devices and Door controllers



Facilitate seamless communication through secure Intercom services best suited to operate within closed circuits. Service offerings include:
  • Intercom Base Station
  • Intercom Substation
  • Intercom Stations


Gate Barrier

Securing your entry and exit points is now easy with an all-encompassing Gate Barrier solution. Service highlights:
  • Steel, industrial and hardwood gates
  • Rising barriers, bollards, blockers and turnstiles
  • End to end installation
  • Maintenance plans


Master Clock

Take precise timing reference signals with solutions that is the heartbeat of mission critical systems. Service features:
  • Master clock designs
  • Rack Mount Instruments
  • Display Clocks and Mobile Master Clocks
  • Plug-in Cards, OEM boards and modules


Public Address System

Build a Public Address System across key building locations to make seamless announcements anytime. Service highlights:
  • Play background music
  • Broadcast pre-recorded alarm notifications
  • Provide interactive customer experiences
  • All in One packaged and Modular PA systems


Intrusion Detection

Monitor traffic and detect suspicious activity. Issue alerts as soon as you discover any unauthorized entry. Service highlights are:
  • Anomaly detection and reporting
  • Traffic blocking from suspicious IP addresses
  • Action against malicious activities
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