Internet of Things

IOT Solution Provider

Going one step beyond the extraordinary, PACC believes in creating best in class IoT programs that construct the foundation of modern businesses. This by blending the physical and digital to enhance everyday experiences.

We at PACC make new realities more perceptible for our customers. This is done through the integration of devices, processes and systems that empower businesses towards intelligent decision-making.


Edge Devices and Smart Gateways

Connect your legacy systems and networks and accelerate adaptability to IoT applications. Our portfolio of products include:
  • Industrial Gateways
  • Routing switches and access devices
  • Modules for data aggregation and processing
  • Device configuration management


Connected Cloud Services

Implement our IoT enabled Connected Cloud services to change the core of your business operations. Services include:
  • Cloud strategy and change management
  • Cloud migration and security
  • Cloud management and optimization
  • Cloud engineering and automation


Asset Monitoring and Management

Scalable range of solutions to remotely track assets thereby gaining insights into business health. Service highlights:
  • Monitoring asset health
  • Tracking assets online
  • Checking asset availability in real-time
  • Assessing asset utilization
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